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CleanGROW propagates plants directly from tissue culture, meaning we are able to offer the cleanest plants available to commercial growers. CleanGROW understands that plant tissue culture is not an industry in itself, but just one means to an end. Our approach is to improve your business by supplying you with the healthiest plants to start with.

Our growth rooms have a capacity of over 500,000 cultures at any one time, making sure we can supply the wide-range of industry around Australia. For decades we have led the way for healthy horticulture. CleanGROW pioneered the use of gamma radiation as a means of low cost sterilisation of containers.

Supporting Australia’s Industry from the Roots

CleanGROW delivers healthy disease-free plants and flowers to a range of industries across Australia. Industries include commercial crops, field crops, nursery industries, fruit growing, and even forestry. The expertise we bring to propagating plants means these industries start with the healthiest plants possible, making their outcomes more fruitful.

Discuss how CleanGROW can bring our decades of experience to your business. Our horticulture laboratory is one of the biggest in Victoria/Tasmania. Experience the benefits of working with Australia’s horticulture leaders when you contact us today.